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The contemporary Mayan Cross horoscope, known throughout Guatemala and parts of Mexico, is a creation of the ongoing Mayan cultural renaissance. In his 1997 book, Jaguar Wisdom, Ken Johnson became the first person to describe this art form in the English language, and his 2011 Mayan Calendar Astrology: Mapping Your Inner Cosmos (see our shop), is one of the few detailed studies of contemporary Mayan astrology available. Ken has remained a full-time practitioner throughout the years and is internationally known for his work in the field.

Beginning with the calendar day-sign of one’s birth, Mayan mathematics is used to weave a tapestry made up of nine day-signs. Other factors, such as the Lord of the Year and the day-sign with the greatest numerical total, are also used. All together, they create an insightful psychological portrait of the individual’s gifts, challenges, and destiny.

Readings are one hour in length and conducted through skype.


Divination with seeds of the wild coral tree (tz’ite) is an ancient Mayan tradition which stretches back far into antiquity and is mentioned in the Mayan creation epic (Popol Vuh). In this divinatory ritual, the tz’ite seeds are sorted into groups which represent the day-signs of the ancient calendar, and the groups of seeds are counted as if they were the days of the Cholq’ij or 260-day calendar. The final result provides the answer to one’s questions.

Kenneth Johnson studied the art of Mayan divination in Momostenango with spiritual guide Nan Victoria Quiej, who initiated him as a daykeeper.

Readings are approximately one hour in length and conducted through skype.


Ceremony forms an important part of Mayan spirituality. Ceremonies may be held in response to issues which appear in Mayan horoscopes or in the divination ritual. They may also be performed purely for one’s health and general well-being, or for the well-being of others. Ken Johnson and Susi Lötscher perform the Mayan fire ceremony at their fire altar in Basel, Switzerland, and can also do ceremonies for those far away. For more information and details, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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