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  El Peru Waka (Mexico): Huge head of Maya god of corn,  1'300 years old, has been found (June 2022)
Aguada Fenix (Mexico): Laser mapping reveals largestand oldest Mayan temple (June 2020)
The Maya wall paintings from Chajul (Guatemala): Unique Mayan art: accidentally discovered wall paintings (June 2020)
  Kulubá (Mexico): Huge palace found from classical time (December 2019)
  Monte Alto (Guatemala): 2000 Year Old Magnetized Giant Sculptures on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala Studied (April 2019).
  Komkom / Baking Pot (Belize): Hieroglyphic Text on Royal Vase Reveals Clues About Mystery Collapse of Ancient Maya Civilization (April 2019).

Aragon / Kaminaljuyú (Guatemala): Archaeologists unearth largest Mayan figurine factory to date (April 2019).

Balamku, Mexico: Archaeologists discover cave in Mexico filled with 1,000-year-old Mayan ceramics in near-perfect condition (March 2019).

Lago Petén Itzá, Guatemala: Discovery of several hundred artefacts in the holy lake of the Maya (Febr. 2019)

Palenque, Mexico: Newly discovered mask in Palenque seems to portrait King Pakal (August 2018), English, German, Spanish

Treasure trove of Mayan cave paintings discovered in Yucatán (July 2018).


Xunantunich, Belize, part 1: Largest Mayan tomb discovered at Xunantunich (July 2016).

Xunantunich, Belize, part 2: Room with more than 200 carved wall drawings (August 1916).

City of the Jaguar, Honduras: Exclusive: Lost City Discovered in the Honduran Rain Forest (February / March 2015).
part 1: German,
parts 2 and 3: English
with many photos

Uxmal, Mexico: Archaeologists discovered a sealed door and further parts of a facade underneath the world-famous palace of the governor. Besides, not long ago, there were found 18 km of a sacbe, a paved "white road" leading from Uxmal to Kabah (October 2014), Spanish.

Lagunita and Tamchen, Mexico: Two Mayan cities of the Late Classic discovered in the jungle of Mexico (August 2014).

Nixtun-Ch'ich', Guatemala:  Discovery of a town hall with altars, incense burners and animal figures (English, with photos, June 10, 2014)

La Blanka, Guatemala: First finding of a Mayan mural painting in proper “moist-fresco” style (German, Nov. 2013)

Holmul, Guatemala: Excavation of a huge piece of frieze, until 95% preserved, 8 m long and 2 m wide. The main motive are the ruler Och Chan Yopaat and other persons with mountain spirits and Plumed Serpents (August 2013).

 El Peru Waka, Guatemala: Finding of an inscription of 564 CE with a record of a princess "Dragon Queen”, Lady Ikoom (July 2013)

Chactun, Mexico: Discovery of a forgotten city in Mexico (June 2013)

 El Zotz, Guatemala: Unearthing of a pyramid, a temple of the night sun, richly moulded and painted stucco masks and wooden panels with hieroglyphic inscriptions (July 2012).

 La Corona, Guatemala: Newest find of a hieroglyphic writing bearing reference to the 21st of December 2012 (June 2012).

Xultun, Guatemala: Sensational find of a sunken house complex with wall painting. Astronomical calculations until the 8th millenia in the future (May 2012).