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Various trailers with Don Alejandro

Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj


Words of Grandfather Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, 13th Generation Maya Quiche his vision of the Return of the Ancestors event in Northern Arizona, April 18-28-2009.


El Abuelo Maya | El mensaje que el mundo debe escuchar | Naturnia


Cambio de las Eras


The following videos until "Seeding Mayan Knowledge & Wisdom - South America" are trailers for the movie Shift of the Ages by Stephen Michael Copeland. The movie itself can unfortunately not be shown.

Shift of the Ages Movie Trailer (2006)


Center Received by Condor



Deep inside the heart of Mother Earth, in sacred Mayan Caves in Guatemala, Wandering Wolf shares some of the prophecy he was taught by his Elders.



The Prophecy of the Eagle and Condor


Flowers of the Earth


2012 - Apocalypse or New Sun ?


The Prophecy of the Eagle and Condor






Tata and Titicaca


Seeding Mayan Knowledge & Wisdom - South America


SOTA: Tribute to Mayan Grand Elder Wandering Wolf, his mission, and the message he carries


SOTA: Mayan Grand Elder Wandering Wolf's Prophetic Message to the Leaders of today's World


SOTA - First Series Intention Crystal Ceremony


SOTA - Second Series Intention Crystal Ceremony - Bolivia


Conferencia Los Mayas: nuestros principios


Interview of Dr. Carl Calleman with Don Alejandro. Theme: The dreamspell calendar by Jose Argüelles and the Maya calendar.

2012 ¡la gran mentira! Profecia Maya Falsa (1 parte)- VIDEO EXCLUSIVO


2012 ¡la gran mentira! Profecia Maya Falsa (2 parte)- VIDEO EXCLUSIVO


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