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THE MAYAN PROPHECIES: The Renewal of the World 2012-2072

By Kenneth Johnson

Jaguar Medicine is the fruit of years’ worth of research in Guatemala and southern Mexico. Kenneth Johnson, author of the well-known book Jaguar Wisdom, and Anita Garr, a long-time resident of the traditionalist Mayan community of Momostenango, Guatemala, have sought out, interviewed and studied with indigenous Mayan healers of every variety. In this volume you will learn:

-         The concept of energies within the body that forms the theoretical basis of Mayan healing traditions

-         The use of simple, well-known herbs to create tinctures, teas, salves and soaps

-         The essentials of Mayan massage

-         The Mayan sweat lodge tradition

-         Healing and divining with gemstones

-         The healing power of sacred places

-         Using dreams to heal

-         The use of ritual and ceremony for psychological cleansing

Based upon the teachings of seven healers from throughout the Mayan world, Jaguar Medicine is a unique glimpse into a different world of healing, where body and soul are one and healing takes place on a multitude of levels all at once.

The Mayan Calendar did not “end” in 2012. In his new book, The Mayan Prophecies: The Renewal of the World, 2012-2072, Kenneth Johnson explores the prophecies preserved in the secret knowledge books of the Yucatec Maya and their message for the years ahead.


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