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JAGUAR MEDICINE: An Introduction to Mayan Healing Traditions

By Kenneth Johnson and Anita Garr


Jaguar Medicine is the fruit of years’ worth of research in Guatemala and southern Mexico. Kenneth Johnson, author of the well-known book Jaguar Wisdom, and Anita Garr, a long-time resident of the traditionalist Mayan community of Momostenango, Guatemala, have sought out, interviewed and studied with indigenous Mayan healers of every variety. In this volume you will learn:

-         The concept of energies within the body that forms the theoretical basis of Mayan healing traditions

-         The use of simple, well-known herbs to create tinctures, teas, salves and soaps

-         The essentials of Mayan massage

-         The Mayan sweat lodge tradition

-         Healing and divining with gemstones

-         The healing power of sacred places

-         Using dreams to heal

-         The use of ritual and ceremony for psychological cleansing

Based upon the teachings of seven healers from throughout the Mayan world, Jaguar Medicine is a unique glimpse into a different world of healing, where body and soul are one and healing takes place on a multitude of levels all at once.

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