Journey to the Heart of the EarthMystical Jaguar Tours Presents a Unique Workshop and Adventure with Kenneth Johnson

At Laguna Bacalar
In the Heart of the Mayan Country, Quintana Roo

Many lesser known and recently discovered Mayan archaeological ruins are within close proximity to Laguna Bacalar. Among these unknown treasures are such sites as Kohunlich, Dzibanche, Balam Ku, and El Resabalon.

Mayan ruinsThese sites are the secret heart of “La Ruta Maya” and many have been seen only by a few local residents and adventurous scholars. For a review of these ruins, visit the “Adventures and Archaeology” page at

As part of the workshop, we will visit two of these sites. These promise to be days filled with wonder and adventure.

The Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is a happy and colorful celebration in Mexico, where death takes on a lively and humorous quality.

Its roots lie in pre-Columbian times and are to be a ritual practice among indigenous peoples for at least 3,000 years.

Though the Spanish conquerors attempted to suppress the native rituals, deeming them pagan and barbaric, the old ways have refused to die. Unlike the Spanish, who viewed death as the end of life, the indigenous people, and especially the Maya, perceived it as the completion, fulfillment, and continuation of life. Rather than fearing it, they embraced it. Life was a dream, death an awakening.

Dia de los Muertos is celebrated on November 1-2, and you can expect flowers, food, music and festivity at the cemeteries, where the living commune with their ancestors.

LagunaLaguna Bacalar: Called the Lagoon of Seven Colors due to an amazing array of water colors ranging from azure blue to emerald green, Lake Bacalar is the pristine backdrop for this unique workshop.

It is located in the heart of the Mayan country in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, not far from the Caribbean Sea and the Belize border.

Travelers describe the lagoon as mystical, blissful, and a true paradise. The water is suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports.

Within walking distance is the town of Bacalar, a colorful and typical Mayan town righ in history and folklore.

The workshop will be held at the lovely Rancho Encantado Eco-Resort, which is right on the lagoon. Accommodations are simple but comfortable. Meals are healthy and delicious. Please visit for more information and photos.

We are negotiating a group rate for workshop participants and you can expect to pay between $110-80 (USD) per person/per day, which includes meals.

Group transportation will be arranged from Cancun International Airport, for an additional cost, to Rancho Encantado, which is approximately a three hour drive.