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Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac

Don Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac is a senior Daykeeper (aj q’ij) and respected community leader in Momostenango, Guatemala. Momostenango is a very special place. At one time the spiritual capitol of the K’iche’ Maya prior to the Spanish Conquest, Momostenango has retained the traditions of the Sacred Calendar and the practices of Mayan spirituality more strongly than any other community.

As a spiritual teacher, Don Rigoberto is a key figure in Mision Maya Wajshakib B’atz’, an affiliation of Daykeepers and Mayan priests dedicated to the preservation of Mayan tradition and the knowledge of the Calendar. He has also been active as a teacher and cultural preservationist with local radio and television stations as well as in the public school system.

Wajshakib B’atz’ is the day 8 B’atz’ (8 Chuen in the Yucatec language). Among the K’iche’ Maya and throughout most of Guatemala, Wajshakib B’atz’ is the sacred day which marks the beginning of a new 260-day cycle. It is the day upon which new Daykeepers (aj q’ijab) are initiated. In an effort to introduce sincere seekers to the authentic Mayan tradition, Don Rigoberto has, for the past several years, extended his invitation to the world to join him in Momostenango upon this special day.

Don Rigoberto is the founder and sponsor of Expo Maya, a cultural program and exhibition of traditional Mayan arts and crafts which takes place during Wajshakib B’atz’ and which has gained the attention of many educators throughout Guatemala, in addition to serving as an introduction to Mayan traditions for those who travel to Momostenango to join in the celebrations at this very special time.

The next occurrence of Wajshakib B'atz' will be on March 25-27, 2012. As the next Expo Maya begins to take shape, there will be regular updates on this website, including information on food, lodging and services for those who are able to join us in Momostenango.

You can aid in the preservation of important Mayan Calendar traditions by supporting the Mision Maya Wajshakib B’atz’ and the cultural program of Expo Maya. Donations may be sent c/o

Roger Aldridge
4205 Gelding Lane
Olney, MD 20832 USA

You can write Roger at if you have any questions about donations. Please include your email address. Western Union money orders are the preferred medium of donation, although those who do not live in proximity to a Western Union outlet may also send a cashier’s check from a bank. Checks should be made out to Rigoberto Itzep Chanchavac.

So that you might have a moment of educational recreation and know more about our cultural values, see Expo Maya 2012.

For those who speak Spanish, Don Rigoberto can be reached directly at the following addresses:

3a Av. "A" 6-85, Zona 3
Momostenango, Totonicapán