Mapping Your Inner Cosmos

By Kenneth Johnson

The first person to publish information about the five-sign Mayan Cross horoscope in English (1997), Ken has continued his studies with Mayan daykeepers throughout the years, and has now created a complete manual of Mayan astrological practice. All the material in this unique new book is based upon information obtained from shamanic Mayan astrologers in Guatemala; there are no “New Age” inventions or “interpretations.”

In addition to the well-known “Mayan Cross” or “Mayan Destiny Chart” comprised of five day-signs, Ken’s Mayan Calendar Astrology also includes:

  • The differences in meaning between the day-sign, the birth number, and other astrological factors
  • The complete nine-sign horoscope of three columns (life path, material world, and intuitive gifts
  • A unique method for determining the phases of human life
  • A  little known technique for assessing human relationships by combining two horoscopes into a composite
  • The importance of the Lord of the Year
  • The meaning of the solar and lunar cycles and
  • A powerful meditative technique called the Path of Feathered Serpent, which is based on one’s own “personal lunar month” and is designed, through a series of guided meditations, to awaken the koyopa or “inner lightning” which we all possess.

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