Just published on 8 Q'anil (23. Okt. 2021)



Agenda 2021 was the last old style issue. New computer programs of the post office and the customs office and other things have brought me a lot of trouble.

But now quite a few people who also follow the path of Cholq'ij have asked me if I could at least still print the calendar / agenda. Therefore I have now produced an abridged version. This one is also much cheaper than the old agenda, as well as the shipping (in appendix 8 you will find the shipping costs for some countries). - But: there are no introductory texts and no photos, and the energies of the 20 days and 13 numbers are shorter. I hope it will serve you anyway!

CHF 9.50 / US$ 10.00
To order at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
best wishes from Susi Lötscher (Aj Q'ij - Day Keeper)