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Mansions of the Moon
The Lost Zodiac of the Goddess

The twenty-seven lunar mansions or nakshatras are a unique zodiac that has been used in India for some 5,000 years. The lunar mansions lie at the very origins of Hindu astrology, and they are rich in the myth, legend and lore of ancient India.

Kenneth Johnson, mythologist and astrologer, provides us with a colorful introduction to these "mansions of the moon." The lunar mansions are introduced and explained as an entire system or astrological paradigm, and each mansion is vividly described so that the reader, even one with only the most basic knowledge of astrology, can come to understand their own birth mansions. The second part of the book explores the mysteries of the lunar mansions and leads the reader upon a journey through ancient myths and stories to reveal how the mansions embody the life cycle of an archaic Goddess. Beyond that, they constitute an authentic "calendar of the stars" which is not only in the sky but within each and every one of us.

The lunar mansions or nakshatras of India are perhaps the oldest surviving calendar in the world. They are recorded in their present-day form at least as early as 800 BC, and many scholars believe that they had their origin in the Indus Valley as long as five thousand years ago. The lunar mansions constitute a magic circle of sacred astronomy. They are the life cycle of the Great Goddess herself, as well as a window into the myth and legend of ancient India. The lunar mansions reveal the secrets of India’s spiritual alchemy, the Tantric dance of woman and man. They are also an independent and still popular form of practical astrology widely known in India today. Kenneth Johnson’s Mansions of the Moon is one of the most highly respected studies of the deep, inner meaning of the lunar mansions.