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Jaguar Wisdom

An Introduction to the Mayan Calendar

This revised edition of Jaguar Wisdom has been published in response to the groundswell of interest generated by independent Maya scholars and seekers alike, as well as interest raised due to the approach of the controversial December 21, 2012 date.

In this edition, the author has cut away all the speculations and theories of these “End Times” and focused on the history and contemporary use of the Maya Calendar system, a traditional system which is still vital and practiced, and which has survived for centuries. Jaguar Wisdom is the only readily available book written with the assistance and cooperation of traditional Mayan Daykeepers.

Praise for Jaguar Wisdom

commentJaguar Wisdom is an insightful classic, complete with accurate calendar tables and a glossary of terms. For seekers who want to build a magical practice, or just want an unencumbered and clear introduction, this book will guide the sincere into a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the Maya cosmos.
-- John Major Jenkins, author of Journey to the Mayan Underworld and Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

commentJaguar Wisdom is both a sensitive account of the history, mythology, and worldview of the Maya and an excellent introduction to the day-signs. To his credit, the author bases his interpretations of the day-signs on Native myths and traditions instead of offering us loose speculations or delineations copied from other writers. Using the tables in the back of the book, readers can determine their year-sign, day-sign, and directional signs that complete a “Tree of Life” diagram, a kind of Medicine Wheel that is used by contemporary Daykeepers in Guatemala. In all, this is a well-researched (footnoted) and well-written book.
-- Bruce Scofield, author of Day-Signs, Signs of Time and How to Practice Mayan Astrology (with Barry Orr).

commentJaguar Wisdom may be the only currently available book that describes in principle how Mayan Daykeepers make readings based on their Sacred Calendar, the tzolkin, and in this regard it fills a significant gap for anyone interested in Mayan astrology and divination.
-- Carl Johan Calleman, author of The Mayan Calendar & the Transformation of Consciousness